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All for Billiards in Armenia

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Бильярдный магазин в Армении  Բիլիարդի սրահ  Billiard shop in Armenia

Our billiard salon in Yerevan

Yerevan, st. Kievyana 22

Tel. +37499-660-680 и +37412-660-680
  Наша группа в Файсбуке


5000 products for billiards and game rooms in stock and on order. The “Billiards Group” store network is the official and exclusive dealer of the START and RUPTUR billiard factories, the manufacturer of tennis tables START-LINE in the Republic of Armenia. As well as SAM Billiards (Spain), WIK (Poland), MBM biliardi (Italy), TOULET (France), SALUC fusiontables (Belgium) and others.

In our store in Yerevan, we can offer you more than 200 versions of billiard tables, dozens of models of tennis tables. You can buy air hockey for home and commercial air hockey, a football table, buy poker sets and poker tables, darts and other games from us. In the sale of hundreds of items of accessories for billiards, table tennis and game rooms. Available in stock in Yerevan and to order.

Бильярдный магазин в Армении Бильярдный магазин Ереван Бильярдные шары Армения Магазин бильярдных столов в Армении

Бильярдный магазин в Ереване Бильярдные аксессуары в Ереване Фабрика Старт бильярд в Армении Магазин бильярда в Армении

Магазин теннисных столов Ереван футбольный стол Армения Настольный бильярд в Ереване Теннисный стол купить в Армении


More than 150 billiard cues available in the store in Yerevan.

The opportunity to buy a cue for billiards to order according to individual parameters and with delivery to our billiard shop in Armenia. We give the cue for the Russian pyramid, the American pool or the cue for snooker on a billiard table directly in our store. We carry out the replacement of stickers and repair of billiard cues.

We carry out assembly, hauling and restoration of billiard tables in all cities of Armenia and Georgia.

All goods are delivered in the Republic of Armenia by courier to the door.

Action in the Republic of Armenia:

Sale billiard cues handmade! 35% discount! Only 2 weeks!

Бильярдный кий Ереван

Additional discount up to 10% of store prices in Yerevan on gaming tables (tennis, football, air hockey) and billiard accessories "to order"!
The delivery time from our warehouse in Moscow is 5-8 days.


Promotions for billiard clubs, resorts, etc. *:

  • Special prices for billiard tables - discounts for ordering several tables !!!
  •      Special prices for hauling and repairing billiard tables.
  •      Special prices for billiard accessories used in clubs.
  •      Billiard cloth - the lowest price in Russia and Armenia - mega volume discounts!

* Promotion for clubs is valid for customers who have billiard halls from 2 tables.

Installment plan for any products of our store:

Бильярдный стол, кий в рассрочку или кредитInstallment of billiard tables, pool cues and any other products of our store from 3 to 36 months.
   Details from the managers in the store.

The prices on the site for Armenia are relevant on condition of pickup from a warehouse in Moscow. Possible delivery options:

Pickup from a store in Yerevan or our delivery to any point in Armenia (we pay all expenses for shipping from the Russian Federation and customs duties). So cheaper, because we carry in large quantities, and it is much cheaper. The manufacturer’s official warranty is maintained.

     Pickup from a warehouse in Moscow, self-transportation and payment of fees. Expensive.

We recommend:

The official billiard tables of the world championships are now in Armenia!

Billiards Group is the official and exclusive dealer of the main manufacturers of billiard tables - the Start and Ruptur factories in the Republic of Armenia. In recent years, official Russian, European and World Championships in the Russian pyramid have been held only on the tables of these two manufacturers. The tables of these factories, from amateur to professional, are guaranteed to meet all the requirements and standards of European and Russian billiard sports federations. Choose the best!

ACTION MONTH on billiard tables of factories "START" and "RUPTUR"

  • Delivery to Yerevan - FREE!
  • All customs duties and VAT - at our expense!



The best budget billiard tables in terms of price / quality ratio! Recommended.

There are billiard tables for the Russian pyramid, tables for the American pool, billiard tables for snooker.


The best selection of exclusive billiard tables in Armenia! Italy, France, Belgium, Russia.


Table tennis "Start-line" - made in Russia! Recommended!

In our store in Yerevan, you can buy table tennis tables, table tennis rackets, balls, netting. Moisture resistant and all-weather table tennis tables are available. Table tennis for the home and professional tennis tables from the Russian manufacturer "Start-line", as well as "Cornilleau" (France), "Stiga" and other manufacturers. Large selection of table tennis available at. …………………………………


Game tables for home and business

In our store in Yerevan, you can buy air hockey business or home, buy tables for football and hundreds of options for table games and games. Available poker sets, poker tables, dartboard targets. Large selection of football tables for the home, children's air hockey, children's billiard tables. Available in store and to order.


Accessories for billiards. Big choice!

2000 items for billiards! In our shop you can buy a billiard cue, cue stickers, billiard balls, billiard cloth from leading manufacturers, various accessories for billiards players, cue covers, and so on. In the sale of accessories for billiard tables, furniture for billiard rooms, billiard lamps, furniture for the billiard room and much more.

Комплект шаров 68 мм Aramith Standard (Бельгия)
Комплект шаров 68 мм Aramith Standard (Бельгия)
Бесплатная доставка!
Лучшая цена!


"Billiard-Group" is the official and exclusive dealer of the Start and Ruptur factories in the Republic of Armenia:

Delivery time of products of the factory "Start" from one week. Special prices for Armenia!

The delivery time of the products of the factory "Ruptur" is from three weeks. Special prices for Armenia!

Дилер фабрики старт бильярд  Лучший дилер фабрики старт бильярд  Официальный дилер фабрики старт бильярд  Официальный дилер фабрики Руптур

The Start factory is the largest Russian manufacturer of billiard equipment. Top quality at an affordable price. World Championships 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, European Cup - 2010, European Championship - 2012, “The Magnificent Eight” - 2010-2012, “Billiard Stars” - 2010, World Cup 2011 and 2012

Factory "Ruptur" - Belarusian manufacturer of billiard equipment with a long history. Tables of premium class.
On the billiard tables of the factory “Ruptur” the European championships, the 2017 World Championships were held many times.

The Billiard-group company is also an official dealer of such producers as:

  • START LINE is a Russian manufacturer of table tennis tables and accessories.
  • WIK (Poland) - manufacturer of high-quality air hockey for commercial use.
  • MBM biliardi (Italy) - exclusive billiard tables.
  • TOULET (France) - exclusive billiard tables.
  • SALUC fusiontables (Belgium) - exclusive billiard tables.
  • Vantex, Lykov, Kazansky, Roy, Lokhno, Chukhno, Kayukov, Yankovsky, Onishchenko, Dinamika billiard and other manufacturers of billiard cues.
  • Weekend Billiard Company - game tables, billiard equipment.
  • SAM Billiards (Spain) is a leading manufacturer of air hockey and football (kiker) for commercial use.

Продукция крупнейших производителей бильярдного и игрового оборудования теперь доступна и в Республика Армения!

Бильярдные бренды

For all products and works, we, as official dealers, give an official guarantee of the manufacturer. And not only. For example, we give a guarantee not only on the billiard table, but also on the assembly of the billiard table.

The best prices, and certified service only in the chain of stores "Billiard-group"!

отзывы бильярд-групп  Бильярд-групп отзывы  биллиард-групп отзывы  Отзывы о БИЛЬЯРД-ГРУПП  Благодарственное письмо

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